The importance of PH Balance in Skincare

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Words By Raoul Lobo

Don't wash your face like a greasy fry pan


Hey you. Yeah you- the person that still uses a 60 cent bar of soap and water to wash your face. Or, perhaps you still use a neon blue 4-in-1 shower gel that Grandma gave you for Christmas 4 years ago. OK, now that we have your attention…


Do you hate that feeling of tightness after you wash your face? It’s like the skin on your face has been stretched. It feels plastic. Itchy. Almost sticky to touch. Like your skin has been stripped bare. Well, in actual fact many bars of soap and shower gels will do just that- they strip your skin bare of the essential moisture and oils as they wash away all of the dirt, oil and pollutants that have built up throughout the day and night. 


The skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body. It needs a targeted skincare routine. It needs a cleansing solution that is more delicate. It needs a product that will wash dirt, excess oil and pollution away without stripping the skin completely bare. This is where PH balance comes into the equation.


What is PH Balance?


You didn’t pay attention at all during year 9 chemistry, did you? TBH, neither did we… except for our formulator, he got A+s in chemistry. He told us that PH balance is essentially a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is. Your skin’s PH balance is around 5.5. The outermost layer of skin is slightly acidic. The acidic layer helps your skin retain moisture and keep free radicals out. It is important that we wash our face with a cleanser that is close to 5.5. If the cleanser is too alkaline, it will break up the acid on the skin, causing dryness and the feeling that your skin has been stretched tight.


What does a PH Balanced cleanser do?


A PH balanced cleanser - such as our Foam Cleanser - is designed to effectively cleanse the face, without leaving it stripped bare of the natural acids by matching the PH balance of your face’s skin. It is a lite, cloud-like texture that delicately gets to work on your face. 


Our 4 step Essentials System is the best skincare routine: it starts with a PH Balanced cleanser and is followed by a Liquid Toner that enhances the cleansing process, a Structure Serum which restores the structural integrity of the skin, and a Gel Moisturiser to restore and retain any essential moisture lost during the cleansing process. If you’re about to ditch the bar of soap, but 4 steps sounds like too much (even though it takes just 3 minutes a day…) we have a 2 step basic skincare routine called the Starter System that includes our PH Balanced cleanser followed by the Gel Moisturiser.


So you see, when you pay attention in year 9 chemistry like our formulator did, you can make cleansers that actually work. For all of you that didn’t (like us), don’t worry- we’ve got you sorted. Ditch the bar of soap and the 4-in-1, and upgrade to our Foam Cleanser. Actually, don’t ditch the 4-in-1, we’ve heard it works well as a toilet cleaner 😉


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