Water. The elixir of life.

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Words By Raoul Lobo

Maybe that TikTok astrologer is onto something...


Did you know that you are mostly made of water? ~60% to be exact. Almost as much as the earth which is ~70% water. Maybe we are influenced by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon like those astrologers on TikTok claim … 🌌


The importance of water to skin health


Water plays a critical role in the skin. It is stored in the dermis. The what? Well, your skin has two layers - the top layer which is called the epidermis, and the next layer beneath which is called the dermis. It’s kind of irrelevant, but we wanted to sound smart and leave you feeling smarter.


The dermis is made up of connective tissues including key proteins such as collagen and elastin. These provide the skin with structure and volume, whilst producing skin cells for the epidermis using nutrients delivered by the blood.


What happens to your skin when you are dehydrated?


… when you wake up on a Sunday morning after drinking 10 beers and eating that late night kebab, in a pool of sweat with your mouth as dry as the Sahara desert?


Dehydrated skin occurs when your skin is losing more water than it is taking in. This can be caused by not drinking enough water, or sweating too much. It presents itself as dry or itchy skin, or as an uneven complexion. Your skin can also become dull, and you might notice dark circles and sunken eyes, sometimes even fine lines.


We can all experience skin dehydration - whether your skin is naturally normal, dry, or oily. Note that your skin can be dry but not dehydrated when your skin isn’t producing enough natural oils - but that is a story for another day. If you are unsure whether your skin is just dry or dry due to dehydration, try pinching a small area of the skin- if it wrinkles, you are in desperate need of water.


Tips and tricks for dealing with dehydrated skin.


Firstly, drink anywhere from 1.5L - 3L of water a day to supplement the water that we absorb from the food that we eat. This will keep your dermis well hydrated and in healthy function.


Then, ensure that you have a hydrating skincare routine that features a high quality and effective moisturiser. A moisturiser has two functions in keeping your skin hydrated:


(1) As a humectant, it draws moisture into the epidermis.


(2) As an occlusive, it protects moisture loss from the epidermis.


To get the job done, we strongly recommend (no bias of course 😉) our Gel Moisturiser. It is a lite, fast absorbing gel-cream formulation that contains Amino Acids, Peptides and Vitamin E which enhance the skin’s natural water transport system, giving your skin more fuel to stay hydrated and nourished. It is also a 100% vegan moisturiser - no animals were harmed in its making - and comes in an airless packaging bottle to ensure that the formula does not degrade with exposure to air and sunlight.


So, in summary: drink plenty of water, use hydrating skincare with a high quality vegan moisturiser that works (😉) and keep your skin looking youthful, fresh and nourished.


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