Alcohol: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Words By Raoul Lobo

It's time to knock back an ice cold beer...


It’s Friday night. You’ve just finished a hard week at work. You walk to the fridge, grab an ice cold beer, crack it open and knock back a big gulp… ahhhh, that crisp, refreshing taste. The hairs on the back of your neck start to prickle. Damn, that tastes good and feels even better. 


Alcohol is such a critical part of our society: it’s how we relax, celebrate, commensurate and break down the awkward silence on a first date. So many significant events in our life are marked with alcohol consumption: birthdays, to funerals to even your first time 😉 


But… with the good comes the bad, and with the bad, comes the ugly… We’re not going to sit here and scold you for drinking alcohol because it might be bad for your liver or mental health. We get that alcohol is an integral part of our society and can lead to many good times. However, what we will tell you is that excessive alcohol consumption negatively impacts your skin health. We are a skincare brand after all.


When it comes to alcohol, moderation is 👌and good quality skincare products can save the day after a big night out.


How does alcohol affect your skin?


Alcohol consumption negatively impacts your skin health in 3 key ways. When you consume alcohol:


(1) The water stored in your skin is depleted. That is to say, your skin dehydrates. This presents itself as dry or itchy skin, or as an uneven complexion. Your skin can also become dull, and you might notice dark circles, sunken eyes and even fine lines.


(2) Your heart rate variability lowers, and the quality of your sleep and recovery deteriorates. Even if you are out like a log for 8 hours after a big night of beer, the quality of your sleep is low. This presents itself as dark circles, puffiness and red eyes.


(3) Your body’s natural temperature cycle is disrupted causing excessive sweating. Sweating exacerbates the dehydration effect in your skin, whilst also increasing the likelihood of clogged pores that lead to breakouts and acne.


    How do good quality skincare products help?


    Each of the 4 skincare products in our Essentials System can help offset the negative impacts that alcohol has on the skin and restore skin health. They are the perfect remedy to feel fresh and rejuvenated during a pesky hangover.


    Our Foam Cleanser and Liquid Toner work together to provide a deeper clean of your pores, removing excessive build up of sweat, dirt, oil and pollution. This prevents clogged pores transforming into acne and breakouts. 


    Our Structure Serum and Gel Moisturiser deliver powerful antioxidants to your skin to neutralise the impact of harmful free radicals, whilst also restoring the structural integrity of your skin, leaving it hydrated, nourished and glowing. 


    So, if alcohol is a part of your weekly routine, be sure to stock up on our Essentials System… it’ll make you feel a million bucks, and might even clean your beard of the garlic sauce from the midnight kebab 😉


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